March 2020

response to Covid-19

Based on the response from local government and health officials about the COVID-19 virus, we feel that it is in the best interest for the health of both our members and guests that we cancel the monthly meetings until further notice. We will use our email and our Facebook page to communicate for the time being. 

We are evaluating the information coming from local government and health officials by the day but as of now, we are still looking at having monthly club runs. We feel that our sport allows each person to socially distance themselves inside of their own vehicle and that driving away from civilization to play in nature is not only good for distancing yourself, but its good for your mental health.  All we ask is that if you are healthy and do decide to join in a run, that you respect other peoples space and follow good hygiene.  No one is forcing anyone to go, we are all adults and we feel that you will know your situation best.